Now that I flooded your dashboard with all the missing bits and pieces of the past it is time to look ahead. What’s coming next? I recently changed my job situation to have more time for my own creations, shaping what kind of business and pastry I wanna be making in the future. All tied-up in a fulltime job it is tough thinking out of the box and creating. So here goes to the new projects. It’s one business idea, one series, one crafting project with three ideas roughly and loose in my head and a collaboration of thoughts. Stay tuned! Oh, and still trying to work through the many recipes!


I made this Aladdin cake for my friend Adam Green. It was besides a donation my aid in getting his kickstarter funded. And he made it successfully! Apparently the cake was a success on instagram too! Check out his art, music and movies. Find more information on his website or kickstarter! And watch out for the movie Aladdin to come featuring among the well-known actors Macaulay Culkin and Alia Shawkat also musicians like Devendra Banhart!


Quick Easter tutorial on how to prep the yeast dough before braiding your Easter bread! It’s important for the ropes not to have unevenly trapped air in them which would expand during baking and make for an uneven appearance.


up a whole dinner with starter, salad, main dish and dessert. It’s just for not to have to eat alone and a sign of gratitude. Steamed veggies, mashed potato swirls, fish, chicoree salad with three kind of citrus fruit, some sort of dinosaur banana split.